Thomas McGovern


1-thomas_thomasThomas McGovern is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, coach, national speaker, best selling author and highly-sought-after trainer that has been leading everyday people to financial freedom for nearly two decades. Sharing the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Al Lowry, Robert Shemin, Peter Conti and many others, Thomas McGovern has been recognized as one of the leading entrepreneur in North America. His mission to provide the most complete, accurate and unbiased business education and training materials, the latest cutting edge tools and strategies and the very best coaching and mentoring services available that has changed the lives of thousands.

Starting from very humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, Tom rose to top. Now with over 60k (thousand) clients nationwide, he continue to help individuals reach and find there dream jobs. He has helped many individuals open businesses nationwide, and has guide them step by step to start their business and be successful.

After becoming a very successful entrepreneur himself, Tom wanted to duplicate his efforts by sharing with others exactly how to make money.  In return, his students .  This would create mutually aligned interests for both him and the people he mentored.


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