Business Courses
We’ll help you succeed… one course at a time
If you’ve got a business idea without a business plan, or you’re in need of a new strategy for your business, NY Business Consultant Center can help you — for free.
We provide no-cost business courses and workshops in all five boroughs. You can learn how to develop your business plan and receive guidance on the right strategy for your business.

First-come, First-served Courses

Business Class

Business Class

  • Business Planning & Operations Courses
  • 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business *
  • Business Planning Basics
  • Restaurant Management*

Financing & Accounting Courses

  • Business Financial Management
  • Business Financing Roadmap*
  • Quickbooks
  • Understanding & Improving Your Credit

Marketing Courses

  • Website Fundamentals
  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Advanced Strategies in Social Media

Refine your business plan to grow your business
Develop your ideas to start your business

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